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    Is  You Favorite Scoring Shot a Leg Bye ?
    27 Is You Favorite Scoring Shot a Leg Bye ?

    We have reccently received a complaint from a customer who has bought a pair of entry level pads from us and after two months he emiled us complaing about the stiches on the leg guards were breaking. Out of curuiosity we asked him to send the batting pads back to us, and after we reveived them back we were surprised to see how many times the ball has struck on the right hand pad in the space of two months, Apparently our friend has not been making use of the bat at all and there were no rules fo...

    Cricket Bats Blades Lengths For GM (Gunn & Moore) Bats
    0 Cricket Bats Blades Lengths For GM (Gunn & Moore) Bats

    GM Cricket Bats Blades Lengths

    GM bats engineering team has made some changes to their blade lengths for Men's English Willow Bats for the 2017 cricket bats range. You will notice on our website that we have some technical terms added to the GM bats description. We thought it might be a good idea to explain the changes and meanings of the terms to our visitors so they can make an informed decision before purchasing the bats. There are three different kinds of blades introduced by GM this year. ...

    Dennis Lillee 8-29 against World 11
    0 Dennis Lillee 8-29 against World 11

    One of the most amazing performances in Cricketing history. Australia played a series of supertests in 1971-72 against a "World 11" led by Gary Sobers. In the second supertest at Perth, Lillee grabbed 8/29 to dismiss the World 11 for 59. Highlights and commentary. FYI, This match is also memorable for a superb century by Rohan Kanhai in the second innings.

    How hard and how far ?
    5 How hard and how far ?

    While watching cricket matches on television I always tend to look at the speed of the ball delivered by the bowler. The technology gives us a good idea of the pace of the fast bowlers of the current era, generally any ball delivered at 140 + Km is considered fast and the bowler is categorized as a genuine fast bowler. There are fast bowlers such as Brett Lee, Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Sami who have touched as much as 160 Km. In older era Jeff Thompson of Australia was considered the fastest of...

    GM Academy Size Cricket Bats - Lighter Bats
    0 GM Academy Size Cricket Bats - Lighter Bats

    For those of you searching for light weight cricket bats, here is an option to consider with playing with GM Academy size bats. The difference between Academy size and normal short handle bat is that the lengh of the blade is almost the same except the Academy size bats have a shorter handle, hence reducing the weight of the bat. The willow on the bat is porortionally scaled to keep the weight to balance ratio. 

    Looking at the chart below you can see that the weight of the bats for each differe...

    Cricket Sets and Kids Gear
    33 Cricket Sets and Kids Gear

    Cricket sets are a great gift for children who want to learn and play cricket in their backyards. The young American wooden cricket Gift set  our most popular wooden set comes with four stumps, a set of bails, a light weight cricket bat and a ball. The whole set is packed in a nice strong hand carrying bag for storage of the cricket geat. This holiday season the set can be a great gift for children and their families who like to play and enjoy cricket for fun.

    The set is available in sizes 4, ...

    Light Weight Cricket Bats
    7 Light Weight Cricket Bats

    Batting with Light Weight Cricket Bats

    Here is a question we get asked quite frequently from the customers visiting our cricket store.

    Do you sell light weight cricket bats ?

    The questions stems from a desire to play with a light weight bat as it is easier to maneuver and gives batsmen more control and faster bat speed. The answer to the question we always provide is "Yes we do". The Blade series of cricket bats made by Kookaburra are the lightest bats we sell on our store. Kahuna Lite and Ka...

    Cricket Equipment Reviews
    3 Cricket Equipment Reviews

    Take 15% off your next order by writing a Review

    For all of those who have purchased from us in the past, we would like to request you to write a review for the product, good or bad we will publish it. Just want to ensure that when you write a review then please provide honest feedback and not only that you love or hate the product. If you like it please let us know why you like it and if you will purchase from us again. Also if there are ways we can improve our product offerings, customer serv...

    Long Handle & Long Blade Bats
    0 Long Handle & Long Blade Bats

    We have recently added a new category (Long Handle & Long Blade Cricket Bats) to our cicket bats collection. The category features bats which are available in long handle and long blade sizes. We currently the following bats in this category and you can check them out here.

    Two new CE bats Sting EW and Power Max KW appear in this category, check them out we are quite excited to improve on our product offereings and will be adding more new CE items as we continue to grow. If you use any of the b...

    Mike Hussey's Kit Bag
    0 Mike Hussey's Kit Bag

    Take a look at how Mike Hussey (Australian all rounder) packs his cricket kit bag, all the cricket gear in one bag with six bats, grips, pads, shoes, gloves and sun screen :)

    An inside look at Micheal Hussey's Kit Bag