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    Cricket Milestones


    Important dates in cricket history (1500-1700)

    1550 The approximate year in which the game of cricket was started to be played in Guildford, Surrey.
    1598 The term ‘Cricket’ found a mention in Florio's Italian-English dictionary.
    1610 There is a reference found to ‘cricketing’ between Upland and Weald near Chevening, Kent.
    1611 French-English dictionary of Randle Cotgrave translated the French term ‘crosse’ as a cricket staff.
    1676 First reference found to cricket being played ‘abroad’, by Britishers residing in Aleppo, Syria
    1694 Two shillings and sixpence were paid for a ‘wagger’ (wager) about a cricket match at Lewes
    1697 First reference made to ‘a great match’ (in Sussex) involving 11 players a side for fifty guineas
    1700 Cricket match was announced on Clapham Common.

    Important dates in cricket history (1701-1800)

    1709 First ever recorded inter-county match takes place between Kent and Surrey.
    1710 First reference found to cricket at Cambridge University
    1727 Articles of Agreement governing the conduct of games between the teams of Mr. Brodrick of Peperharow, Surrey, and the Duke of Richmond.
    The 1729 Year of the earliest surviving bat.; belonged to John Chitty, and is now at The Oval pavilion.
    1730 First recorded match at the Artillery Ground, central London. It’s still the ‘cricketing’ home of the Honorable Artillery Company.
    1744 Kent defeated All England at the Artillery Ground by one wicket. The year also marked the first known version of the ‘Laws of Cricket’. They were issued by the London Club and formalized the pitch as 22 yards long strip.
    1767 The approximate year when the foundation of the Hampshire-based Hambledon Club, the leading club in England for the next three decades, took place.
    1769 First recorded century, by Duke of Dorset's player John Minshull XI versus Wrotham.
    1771 Width of the bat was limited to 4 1/4 inches, the dimension that has remained ever since.
    1774 LBW law was devised.
    1776 The earliest known scorecards at the Vine Club of Sevenoaks (Kent)
    1780 The first-ever six-seamed cricket ball. It was manufactured by the Dukes of Penshurst (Kent)
    1787 First match took place between White Conduit Club v Middlesex at Thomas Lord's first ground, Dorset Square (Marylebone). The year also marked the formation of Marylebone Cricket Club by the White Conduit Club members.
    1788 First revision by MCC of the Laws of Cricket
    1794 First ever recorded inter-school match took place between Charterhouse and Westminster.
    1795 First recorded instance of a ‘leg before wicket’ dismissal