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    Choosing a Right Cricket Bat

    Choosing the Right Cricket Bat

    Choosing a Right Cricket Bat



    If you are in a market for buying a new cricket bat then this write up will try to help you in making an informed decision. We are going to discuss the following frequently asked questions which a batsman asks before purchasing a cricket bat.

    1. How I can choose a bat that best fits within my needs?

    2. What things should I be considering to get the right bat for me?

    Obviously, you should first look for the full-size bat if you are an adult. Next, determine what shape you want, what grade of the blade fits you the best. The grade of bat is further determined in this regard, which depends upon where you play on crease and at which height you play the most of your shots. In addition to this how much you can afford to pay for a cricket bat also matters. Furthermore, you have to decide the shape of bat that looks perfect to your style of playing shots. The shape further helps in what kind of shots you play in the game. The wicket (pitch) of batting also plays a critical role in the choice of selecting the right cricket bat.

    If you play a lot of front foot shots, then you should prefer the bat with lower sweet spot, and if you play the ball late and hit a lot of cut shots, then you should choose the bats with thick blades. The place of sweet spot of the bat differs with alteration in the thickness of the blade. The biggest point in the selection of the bat is to go for the bat which is the thickest at where you hit the balls quite often.

    There are two more things that are equally important to sweet spot, first the bounce of ball and second is your way to pick up and hit the ball. In addition to this, how the bat feels when you pick it in your hands is also very important.

    The handle of bat is also very important. The bat is actually made of two parts, handle and blade. If weight of the handle is more than the blade, then the bat will feel lighter. If weight of the blade is more than the handle, then bat feels heavy despite that its weighs less than the first scenario.

    The sweet spot shifts closer to the lower end of bat when the blade is heavier than handle. The sweet spot is vitally important because it decides the right sort of bat for your style of cricket batting. The choice of the bat depends a lot upon sweet spot since it is where you hit the ball quite often.

    Is there any index of the bats for making the right choice?

    The bat-maker determines about what he feels is the best pick-up index. The pick-up index goes from 1 to 5.

    Number 1 means it is made for somebody who plays ball late and pushes it through the gaps and maneuver ball more than forcing it down to boundary. Index number 5 is for somebody who wants to strike ball directly into the carry-ons. You might not be a 5 or 4 in the most cases, but if you are Geoffrey Boycott then you will be probably Minus 1 just because you will be too much pushing the ball into the gaps, rather muscling it down to the boundary.

    These are recommendations for the adult cricket bat in short or long handle.

    The juniors have slightly different considerations when they come to choose bat. All coaches will agree with it that kids should have bats that they can use to play all sorts of shots. If the bat is too-heavy or too-big, it will restrict them and leave them into bad habits.

    We have a recommended bat size chart, which helps in deciding about what bat best suits the juniors. There are small bats in different sizes which are identical to the large bats, so that if a kid plays identical to an icon player, like AB De Villers, then he can go and pick a bat similar like Kahuna cricket bat. It is just a small bat, but is very identical to the larger version of the bat.

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    English Willow Cricket Bats

    Every single English willow cricket bat is influenced by the quality of the timber (English Willow) used to manufacture the bat. 

    No two cricket bats are the same, even though the wood used to make these bats came from the same tree. The individual cell composition, all-natural density and weight will all fluctuate according to the tree’s pace of expansion, its environment, its moisture content. Heavy willow tends to be denser, less prone to damage and inherently more powerful than a light piece of willow, although a lighter bat will be more maneuverable

    A lighter cricket bat will allow for better maneuverability and faster bat speed while playing strokes. However the heavier bats are more denser and will last longer and can pack an extra punch to the stroke.

    As a recommendation, your selection of cricket bat needs to be according its feel and pickup rather than its actual weight. You will be amazed that some heavier bats will feel lighter depending on how you hold and play your strokes. So judging a cricket bat by its weight is not a wise choice.