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    Perks For Favorite Customers

    Join Our Favorite Customer List & Get 10% Off Your Orders For 1 Full Year:

    We are building our favorite customers list and you can be part of this elite group too. 

    As you spend more with us your status will be upgraded to get discounts up to 15% based on the amount you spend with us. Read details below to learn about the loyalty based perks.

    We will be posting a small picture on one of our product pages with the text "FAVCUSTOMER" + Code (code will have 3 characters).
    For fun we will make it a scavenger hunt for you to find this text image, it can be anywhere on our website on any product page (not in the blog posts, news, or articles) we will switch it around frequently to build our favorite customers list.

    Here are the steps to join our favorite customer list.

    1. Ensure you are registered on our website with your email address if not please do so here.
    2. Browse our website to find the "FAVCUSTOMER" + Code, once you find it please email us the complete text you found and link to the page where you found it. The image should look something like this below.

    3. Email us back to info@cricketequipmentusa.com with the text "Favorite Customer" + your registered email address in the subject line. Copy the link to the page where you found the link in the message. We will be adding the names of our favorite customers in the form of a list. If you wish to have your name displayed on our list on the website and Facebook page then please provide it, in the email as well. It is optional for your privacy you can have a nickname if you like.
    4. As soon as we receive the email we will find your account based on your email address in our system and add you to our favorite customer's list. We will respond back with confirmation that you are now part of our favorite customer list.
    5. Once you are part of the list you will get an automatic 10% OFF your order automatically every time you checkout from our website for 1 full year starting from the date you have received our confirmation email. There will be no coupon needed as we will apply the discount to all members in our favorite customer list.
    6. Please do not share the information on which page you found the magic text & code with friends :)


    UPDATE 10-04-2018 3:00 PM EST

    Favorite Customer Image was launched at 2:00 PM EST and there are two customers who identified the location correctly and have joined our Favorite Customer list. Congratulations to them. Customers who opted out to have their names listed will be noted as Private CE Silver customers. 

    For those customers who spend less than 500 dollars per year will be in Silver Category with 10% discount
    Customers who are between 501 to  750 dollars spend limit will be added to Gold category with 12.5% discount
    Customers who spend between 751 to 1000 our website will be upgraded to Platinum category with 15.0% discount

    Statuses will be updated on customers' accounts as they reach the milestones.

    Silver Category Favorite Customers

    1. A J Marcus - Joined the list on October 4 2018
    2. Private CE Customer  - 
    Joined the list on October 4 2018

    NOTE: We will be changing the location of the FAVORITE Customer Image and once changed we will let all know where the last image appears and on which product page.