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    Batting to survive 50 Overs ?
    4 Batting to survive 50 Overs ?

    The traditional thinking of batting all 50 overs should not interfere with the batting approach. I would have rather 240 runs on the board in 30 overs all out rather than 170 for 8 runs in 50 overs. The natural game of playing aggressive cricket should never be compromised by playing to survive for 50 overs.

    I strongly disagree with the myth that teams should bat out all 50 overs with sole purpose of staying at the crease for 50 overs. As cricket evolves we will see new breed of high caliber b...

    Product Reviews
    4 Product Reviews

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    4 The Great Don Bradman

    Rare footage of Don Bradman showing how to play cricket shots the orthodox way. A great trip down the memory lane and a reminder of the golden days how cricket used to be.

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    5 Cricket & Cricket Media in United States

    Cricket was not as popular in America as it is today. Back in late 80's there were no TV channels in America which broad casted any cricket matches at all. Cricket was a rare sight to see in the parks or anywhere else in United States, most of the Americans had no knowledge about the sport. Cricket gear was hard to buy and most of the gear was brought over by visitors as gift to the relatives living in United States.

    As of today there are at least three channels in USA broadcasting cricket 24 X...

    6 Friends Life T20 comes to an end.
    August 27th 2011 - This weekend we witnessed triple headers (Two Semi Finals and a Final) climaxing the Friends Life T20 tournament in Birmingham, England. We've had an extraordinary day at Friends T20, two one over eliminators in both semifinals witnessed for the first time in T20 cricket, we haven't seen one but two in a row. Leicester held their nerve to clinch the first semi final with an extraordinary finish.

    Jefferson played brilliantly and specially the last shot he played, crowd lov...
    4 US Cricket Open 2011

    Cricket Equipment USA is a proud sponsor of US Cricket Open 2011 to be held on Dec 1-4, 2011 in South Florida. The tournament is the biggest ever in the history of North American Cricket. We are planning to be there and meeting with upcoming American cricketers and guest cricketers from other countries. The tournament is organized and marketed by Cricket Council USA.

    US Cricket Open 2011 

    Read more about the US Cricket Open 2011 tournament.

    Scorer Shirts for US Open 2011 by CricketEquipmentUSA.com  

    4 High Scores on T20 VS Test Cricket
    Ever wondered why Teams in a T20 game score in excess of 200 runs in 20 overs ? and when they play in a test match in which batsmen have so much time and deliveries at their disposal, scoring the same amount of runs seems an uphill task and teams struggle to go past 300. This remains a mystery or perhaps the mindset of the players changes as they move from T20 to Test Cricket. So believing is achieving :) So basically defensive state of mind creates less runs and more wickets in a test match and...
    4 At US Cricket Open 2011

    Last weekend we traveled to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to attend the third edition of the US Cricket Open 2011 at Central Boward regional cricket stadium. We had a booth at the entrance and most of our cricket range was on display there, the T-20 games were played around several cricket grounds and it was quite an enjoyable sight to see Cricket flourishing in USA.

    Cricket Equipment USA - Products on Display at the Tournament

    The cricket ground was well maintained and looked perfect for the tournament. I must admit that is the best looking ground I have ...
    4 Australia aiming for the 4-0 whitewash
    Michael Clarke's twin tons makes him the first batsman scoring over 300 and 200 runs in the same series after Wally Hammond and Don Bradman. Wonderful start to the year 2012. The fourth test (Australia Vs India 2012) is shaping up to be yet another uphill task for India to draw or win as Australia posted another mammoth total of 604 for 7 declared in the first innings.

    Clarke Twin Tons