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    2016, December

    Cricket Bats Blades Lengths For GM (Gunn & Moore) Bats
    0 Cricket Bats Blades Lengths For GM (Gunn & Moore) Bats

    GM Cricket Bats Blades Lengths

    GM bats engineering team has made some changes to their blade lengths for Men's English Willow Bats for the 2017 cricket bats range. You will notice on our website that we have some technical terms added to the GM bats description. We thought it might be a good idea to explain the changes and meanings of the terms to our visitors so they can make an informed decision before purchasing the bats. There are three different kinds of blades introduced by GM this year. ...

    How hard and how far ?
    5 How hard and how far ?

    While watching cricket matches on television I always tend to look at the speed of the ball delivered by the bowler. The technology gives us a good idea of the pace of the fast bowlers of the current era, generally any ball delivered at 140 + Km is considered fast and the bowler is categorized as a genuine fast bowler. There are fast bowlers such as Brett Lee, Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Sami who have touched as much as 160 Km. In older era Jeff Thompson of Australia was considered the fastest of...

    Dennis Lillee 8-29 against World 11
    0 Dennis Lillee 8-29 against World 11

    One of the most amazing performances in Cricketing history. Australia played a series of supertests in 1971-72 against a "World 11" led by Gary Sobers. In the second supertest at Perth, Lillee grabbed 8/29 to dismiss the World 11 for 59. Highlights and commentary. FYI, This match is also memorable for a superb century by Rohan Kanhai in the second innings.