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    High Scores on T20 VS Test Cricket

    Ever wondered why Teams in a T20 game score in excess of 200 runs in 20 overs ? and when they play in a test match in which batsmen have so much time and deliveries at their disposal, scoring the same amount of runs seems an uphill task and teams struggle to go past 300. This remains a mystery or perhaps the mindset of the players changes as they move from T20 to Test Cricket. So believing is achieving :) So basically defensive state of mind creates less runs and more wickets in a test match and an aggressive and positive state of mind gets teams more runs and less wickets.

    With cricket evolving every day it is better to approach any form of cricket by batsmen to play aggressively. Just our observation and point of view against the concept that batting in a test match should be about blocking balls and batting for longer durations.
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